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They Call Him The Batman. [APP REVIEW]

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More than a decade before Adam West donned his black suit with pointed ears and appeared on television as Batman, my father was born. My dad spent those years as a young man whom everyone addressed as Bruce. If you inquired more intently with my grandmother, you’d come to find out that my dad’s legit


The REAL Avengers.


This past weekend, I found myself making the trek from DC to Atlanta for my twin niece & nephews 5th birthday, as well as a baby shower for my youngest sister-in-law.  Me, Jen, Ava, Charlie, Cooper (the dog) and my brother-in-law, Max, were all-in (the same car) for 1,270 miles, two La Quinta Suites, eight


Houston, We Have A Problem.


My first day back at work after the holiday was a rude awakening.  Within a few hours of being at the office, I found that my company had decided to take a less aggressive approach in scripted development and ultimately changed their direction.  With that, I was out of a job. I had worked in