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Santa Loves These Sugar Cookies.


EDITOR’S NOTE: I have received information about #HowWeFamily from the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is sponsored post. As part of my partnership with Tylenol, we’re teaming up this holiday season to inspire conversation about how different people ‘family’.  My grandma’s sugar cookie recipe is a little piece of personal


Living Life in the Moment.


A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to orientation at Charlie’s new preschool in the evening… Ava, Charlie and Mason played in one of the classrooms along with a dozen other children while the parents attended a short informational meeting – evidently, that’s our new ‘date night’. In the form of a


Starting a New Life.


There’s nothing harder than picking up the life you’ve grown accustomed to and moving on. There’s also nothing more exciting. I was forced to do this almost twenty years ago as a college student after losing everything I owned in an apartment fire. And I’ve done it again as a husband and father with three


School’s Out for Summer, Run for Cover!

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I am partnering with Minute Maid for a series of stories to help parents realize they’re #doingood. All opinions are my own. For some parents (definitely not me), the end of school means retreating to the house, putting on your hockey gear complete with helmet and pads, hunching down in a goalie stance and using


Good Times, No Matter How You Slice it.


I’ve been on and off the road for the past few weeks, working on some cool stuff that’s about to rear its head – and somehow, my dad and I managed to miss celebrating our birthdays together. We’re only two days apart in the month of March and it’s taken us until this past weekend


I’m 40 and I’m not Invincible Anymore.


In 2013, I was riding high on a book and TV deal and took a trip back to Los Angeles (where I’d previously lived for 13 years) to do some work with my friends at Kids in the House. I stayed with my friend, Mike and his wife Hannah, in Culver City. Mike and I


TERRA’S KITCHEN: Sweet Potato Tacos PLUS Crispy Citrus Chicken and Garlic Broccoli Skillet.


Every now and again, I like to give a try to something that might give us a hand when we’re down (like when I had the flu this past week and couldn’t cook) OR if we’re just having a really busy week with travel or long days or commutes to the office. It just so


All in for Mother’s Day


Growing up, my brothers and I always eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Sears Christmas Wish List catalog. That thing was massive, heavy, and filled with all kinds of amazing toys… we would fight over it, trying our best to be the first to circle the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier or Star Wars figurines… we


The One Thing You Forgot While Spring Cleaning.


Spring is upon us, the taxes are done (mine aren’t) and I’m standing in the front yard looking at the atrocity that is my field of dandelions and weed-filled flowerbeds. The outside is important, but so are the things on the inside of your house. We’re in spring cleaning mode ’round these parts. We’ve spent


Italian Wedding Soupla Hoopla.


March Madness rages on and with it, comes an appetite for the win. I’m one of those GO BIG OR GO HOME kinda guys and if you pick up the right items and get behind the wheel of this soup, you’re bound for victory. I found this recipe a few years ago in an Ina