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AVA FULL OF GRACE #4: Snow Your Roll.


If I wasn’t organized, I would’ve given up a long time ago.  In trying to carry that idea into the various toy and laundry cluttered hallways of my life, I decided to go through the 56,000 pictures on my iPhoto before (my computer blasted a wet fart in the bed) I had passed the point


AVA FULL OF GRACE #2: I Used To Be One.


Last week we were out running errands and all of the sudden….TRUE STORY. AVA:  Daddy, I’m almost 3.  This many. (holds up 3 fingers) DADDY, LOOK AT MY FINGERS! ME:  Ava, I’m driving right now, wait one second until we get to the stoplight. AVA:  And right now I’m two.  This many. WE PULL UP


AVA FULL OF GRACE #1: Dance Like No One Is Watching…Or Waiting.


LAST WEEK DURING BREAKFAST: AVA:  Daddy, I need to get up and do something. ME:  Ava!  PLEASE.  NO.  I’m so tired of the up & down while we’re eating. Your toys will be there when we’re done. You don’t need to put on your rain boots, ‘check on’ the DVDs to make sure they’re still