EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a sponsored post on behalf of the DIYZ_app and the #DIYZGuys campaign, however, the power tools, damaged fingertips and raised garden bed are all mine!

Back in the day, we never needed to call anyone to come and fix the leaky faucet, creaky wooden stair or A/C outlet that didn’t work. When it came to fixing stuff, my dad was Johnny-on-the-spot. The old man was (and still is) a brick mason by trade, however, he’d grown up on a million job sites and had a handful of fishing buddies that specialized in various trades – electricians, plumbers, concrete, etc. I often joke that our childhood home was built from the ground up over several weekends and a couple cases of Rolling Rock.

He’ll probably kill me for posting this gun show.

I did my best to pay attention and even offer help when he was doing stuff around the house, trying to catalogue little tips and tricks that might come in handy one day. I did the same thing while working on the farm part-time through junior high and high school. I felt comfortable with every tool found in the decommissioned school bus that housed them. I knew how to grease bearings, fix small equipment and learned how to drive a tractor before I even became a teenager.

After college I moved from the rolling fields of rural Pennsylvania to Beverly Hills, California – land of a million people that had probably never picked up a tool in their lives.

I spent almost a decade and a half there – abandoning any opportunities to work on stuff or continue being ‘handy’.

When we moved back east a few years ago, I made it my goal to resupply my tool archive – something a lot of dads take great pride in. But now that I have all these great tools (circular saw, jigsaw, sander, drills, clamps, quick squares), they sit in the garage. “What are you even going to do with all of those tools?” my wife often asks.

These are the words that stoke the fire in my belly. Does she think that I don’t know how to build anything??

I believe everything happens for a reason – and it’s no coincidence that my boys over at Life of Dad rang me up, wanting to know if I’d be interested in checking out the new DIYZ_app – an app that features a large library of DIY projects, providing DIYers of all skill levels with step-by-step guides and segmented videos to tackle home improvement projects with confidence and ease. The gravy on these mashed potatoes is that if find yourself in a bind, is allows users to speak directly with a professional contractor at your fingertips via video chat (how sick is that!?) OR if necessary, you can disengage and just speak over the phone.

So of course I told the Life of Dad’ers that I was IN. I’d been wanting to build a raised garden bed to house my pickling cucumbers, peppers, okra and tomatoes this summer.

It took me 30 seconds to download the app. It took another 30 seconds to locate exactly what I was looking for. THIS.

Halfway done adding the soil. I’ll be adding a cucumber trellis that rolls up the brick in between the windows.

The sweet part about this app, is that is also curates a list of tools, AS WELL as supplies that you’ll need to have on hand to complete the task.

So we fired up the truck and took a family trip to Home Depot to pull together everything that we needed. This also allowed me to dust off those compression straps in order to put those 2″ x 8″ x 10’s up on the roof for the ride home!

Once we pulled everything together on the back patio, it was time to set the boys up with proper eye protection. Charlie was my main helper on this one, in between running inside to eat cheese sticks and yogurt tubes – kid has a death wish for constipation.

Once we had everything in place, we took a few minutes to watch the DIYZ video, which offers step-by-step instructions and demo on what to do.

Charlie is old enough to understand his numbers and having him help me do the measurements was a great weekend math lesson – just what he wanted!

The little dude was excited to hear the roar of those power tools that have been collecting dust in the garage!

While I don’t encourage open-toed shoes (not pictured) on the construction site, at least the kid has his goggles on.

On one of his many excursions inside to the kitchen prompted by boredom and hunger, I finally got underway – feeling to rip and roar of my circular saw.

My dog, Cooper, is the only paid attendance for this show.

Once I cut the short sides and stakes, I began to attach the stakes to the long sides.

Feeling good and confident about this.

With the stakes attached to the long sides, I lined them up in the ballpark area where the garden would live.

Lift with your legs, not your back, like me.

It took a few minutes to rake out the area where I was going drop the garden in. I had to get it level (so my wife’s OCD didn’t dominate our summer) with one of the mud lines along the brick. Then I began to attach the shorties.

Not a cigarette in my mouth. Real men hold screws in their mouths.

A little more raking and I used a mini-sledge to give it a few whacks into the ground. At this point in the process, the DIYZ app had me feeling confident and the stud factor was going through the roof. By now, Charlie had been inside as it began to rain – most likely going for the yogurt tube record. So I pulled him back out to give me a hand laying down the weed guard, which will live under the soil, hopefully keeping those pests at bay through the season.

Once we had the fabric laid in, I trimmed the edges and began to add soil. The DIYZ_app had told me the I needed 3 cubic feet of soil but for some reason, I missed that part – so back to the Home Depot we go. I may even add a coat of white paint to match the pergola that’s about to get repainted, so everything matches.

With my confidence brimming, I’m taking it upon myself to construct that self-designed vertical cucumber trellis as an added bonus. As it stands, I’m super stoked about this project and the DIYZ tutorial helped me get organized and ahead of the game, which certainly cut down on the time it took to pull it together – PLUS – I got a chance to hang out and work with my son, the same way me and my dad did 30 years ago.

This was a WIN-WIN all the way around.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The DIYZ app is free to download and is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. For a limited time, the video chat feature is FREE!