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A November to Remember.


In 1980, I turned four years old and it was right around that time that I had my first memory of understanding that I grew up in Philadelphia Eagle country. Sundays (and the occasional Monday night), were planned around what time the Birds would come on. Weekend chores like mowing the lawn, weed whacking, chopping


What’s Your Fantasy?


It’s such a blanket question. I could come up with a million different things that I fantasize about at any given moment of the day… and they’re constantly changing. I’ve always had an affection for the idea of being stranded on a deserted island. There have been many times in my head that I was


AVA FULL OF GRACE #7: Put Me In The Game, Coach. I’m Ready.


Ten years ago, if you wanted to find me on a Sunday, I’d be at O’Briens Irish Pub in Santa Monica, California.  I’d ride my bike there from Marina Del Rey, wearing my Randall Cunningham jersey, donning a foam Philadelphia Eagles helmet. I could do that.  I was in neutral territory.  LA doesn’t have a