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Cruising Costco+Kids for Dove Men+Care.


As I enter what I fear could be an early mid-life crisis at 41, I’m always finding myself trying new things. And before you go and get ahead of yourself, allow me to say – hit the brakes. It’s not what you think. The things that I’m trying are most aligned with health and well-being.


My Last Hair-ah?


Many of you have no clue who this fella is… No guesses?? C’mon, seriously? It’s me! Yes, that’s Dad or Alive, hiding under a rug of healthy, protein-fortified wavy movie-star quality follicles. But that was like, thirty years ago. Back then, I could wake up, take five to eight seconds to throw a comb or


The Big Easy: 1,000 Days in the Making.


If you noticed a small lapse of correspondence last week, it’s because I was in New Orleans, Louisiana, attending the 3rd annual Dad Summit 2.0. I had attended last year in Houston, Texas as a fly on the wall, somewhat unfamiliar with the small militia of dad bloggers occupying the space.  At the time, I


Big League Dads.

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Two of my favorite things are baseball and being a father (not necessarily in that order). So when I heard about a campaign between Major League Baseball and my friends at Dove Men+Care, I wanted to help spread the word. As a kid, I idolized guys like Mike Schmidt, Wally Joyner, Mark McGwire and Frank