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Target Strollin 1

Just Strollin’ Along on Father’s Day.


Six years ago, I wasn’t sure what kind of dad I might be. Certainly, I’d had an amazing influence in my own father, as well as my grandfathers and uncles, my father-and-brother-in-law, but as you hold your wife’s hand in the delivery room, I think you’re waiting for that identity to be born (so to

Dads Report Card Minute Maid

Your Father’s Day Report Card is in. (Plus a $250 VISA Card Giveaway!)


As a kid, I remember the day that report cards came out. No longer were you trusted to bring that piece of paper home in your backpack – they mailed that shit. I’m surprised it wasn’t sent as ‘certified mail’. The problem for me, was that I was in school while the mail was being

John Willard Jim Jean Carrie and Paul Wentz

MILK: My Family and Giving Back.


In 1981, my parents bought an empty, wooded plot of land in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania from my mom’s uncle, John. My dad would spend many late-night hours devoting his time towards designing a house for our family. He had a vision for their homestead, the roof that would provide shelter to his wife and children.

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BREAKING: Wingman Saves Dad on a Sweltering Summer Saturday.


So far, this summer has come out swinging. Literally. Over the past few weeks, Charlie has been grinding his way through his first season of t-ball, in our local 4 and under league. I was so excited by the idea of him being old enough to play, that I offered up my services as an

charlie neck chair

Are you a Good Parent?


Every morning, I pull into the parking lot at our preschool, take a deep breath, put on a smile and hop out of my truck. I wave at the other parents and inconspicuously take notice about how they act with their kids. Everyone has their ‘happy hats’ on and it feels like we’re shooting a

Ava hunting Easter Eggs

Chopper Mom and the Golden Egg.

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Easter egg hunts have always been traditionally chaotic. When me and my brothers were little, our sibling hunt occurred on Easter morning. We’d spend the day or two before, dyeing real eggs with our parents, using the clear crayon to draw little messages, smiles and flowers and as we got older, began writing things like


I’m Never Usually PC – Why Now? Perhaps It’s The Dell XPS 13.


Back in 1994, I remember packing up for college and begging my parents to take the family computer. I NEEDED that computer. I was going to move out of their home 3 1/2 hours away and put my nose to the grindstone along with a few thousand other ambitious freshmen. I pleaded with them, telling them

Masons Room Wide

Decorating a Nursery using ETSY: These Entrepreneurs are on Fire.


I’m not sure how much I’ve talked about my past. I may or may not have spilled the beans once or twice about the fact that I lost everything I owned in a fire when I was 21. I had completely moved out of my parent’s home in 1994 and was living at college for four

Mason sitting with BAB boxes

The Chaos of Turning One.


So, if you’re wondering where I’ve been since Mason’s 1st birthday party, you don’t have to look far. I’m that crumpled mound of bruised flesh and sore bones laying next to seven bags of used wrapping paper in the garage, collected and neglected from January. I gave you guys a bit of a sneak-preview and

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Marriage is a Gas. Literally.


We’ve all had those moments. Those moments when we’re using everything in the toolbox to not let one squeak. Maybe it was your first date. Perhaps it was the first time she slept over at your apartment. Cheeks clinched, eyebrows sweating, your nervous eyes darting around every corner of the room. You did everything you