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Crocs final 2

A Crocs Family Shoe Giveaway!


I’m not exactly sure what the year was, but I do remember that I was still in Los Angeles, working for Adam Sandler. Someone had gotten in touch with Brooks Arthur, an incredible music producer and member of the Happy Madison family. They had introduced him to a new shoe that was coming out and asked


Thanks for Everything + A Ristorante Holiday Giveaway!


It’s nice to finally have the last few weeks behind me, the sliced and bleeding, spray-paint tipped fingers from box-cutting and taping together our family Lego Halloween costumes, has me in stitches. Well, not really, just band-aids. I finally got the pumpkin gloop out from underneath my fingernails and several showers got the colored hairspray

ava and charlie in leaves 2014

Flexin’ Those Yams and Gams.


Disclosure: I am currently serving as a “Play Ambassador” for Let’s Play. This is a sponsored post, however, the opinions expressed are my own. I talk about it all of the time, so you probably don’t even want to get me started. October and November are hands down, my favorite months of the year. October has

charlie barfs in my mouth

So You’re Gonna Be a Dad?


Last month I celebrated five years since first becoming a dad. Wow, time flies when you’re in the trenches clawing at the dirt struggling for air, eh? It feels like just yesterday, I was one of the first of my friends to become a dad. I was scrambling around, trying to install car seats and pack

Mason on Bounce Stride and Ride Elephant

Balancing Play Time With a Toddler Posse.

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A few months ago, I served up a story entitled ‘The Legend of Fisher-Price‘  here on the blog. I got to share my initial thoughts about visiting their headquarters in East Aurora, NY with a few new pals. We got to see and do a whole lot more than I ever expected and it enhanced the

Adrian as batman halloween

Eat This, Halloween.

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In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a top-notch sucker for nostalgia. It’s lays on my skin and soaks into my clothing almost like that cloud that followed Pig Pen around on the Peanuts Halloween Special. The month of October just happens to offer up one of my favorite holidays of the year. Most everyone


Let’s Play Dress-up.


You never had to ask me twice as a kid to dress up as my favorite president, cartoon character or mass murderer and walk around the neighborhood, knocking on everyone’s door to collect my candy. Heck, once we were done walking around our country block (several miles), we used to hitch a ride into our

Ava sleeping on the stairs

Will You Go To Sleep Already?!?


If you happened to visit our household for a week, you’d think that my kids were part of some secret government sleep deprivation program. If someone were to say to ME ‘hey buddy, wanna take a mid-day nap or maybe even sleep in a nice comfy bed for 8 eight hours?’ I’d be snoring so


The Legend of Fisher-Price.


A few weeks ago, I alluded to a special trip I was taking… no kids, a hotel room to myself and KABOOM – a good night’s sleep. Oooooh, how sweet it was. Gone are the days of raiding the mini-bar and locating Cinemax on the dial. THAT’S HOW TIRED I WAS. As it turned out,

Threesome road trip unfurled

10 Reasons the Road Trip Must Die.


I remember a time when we would get fired up for a road trip. We’d play ‘exploding fists’, dance around the room and lob out bro hugs as we yelled stuff like ‘Vegas!’ or ‘Let’s hit the desert – Let’s fuckin’ do this!’ – then we’d get drunk making zero preparations, get up the next