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Dad and Ava use frank scrub

I Feel So frankin’ Pretty.

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Who knew that 2014 would be the year of beauty for Dad or Alive. For 38 years, I’ve fought back the suggestions that I ‘might like or enjoy’ a manicure or pedicure. I launched verbal tirades against the peanut gallery (my mom, girlfriends, friends, doctors, dermatologists) that tried to convince me that ‘lotion is good

Adrian outside of FP with elephant

Finding Toys That Grow With Your Children.


In my former life, before kids, I really LOVED playing video games. I had a few different consoles over the years and plenty of time after work (as an adult) to explore dynamic worlds, conquer level after level and increase the strength of my characters until the wee hours of the morning. I’m not trying to pretend that


Don’t Forget the Baby: Plight of the Parent Spread Too Thin.

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“Don’t forget Mason!” my wife yelled from the driveway, as we loaded our kids into the truck for a run to the grocery store. Of course I would never forget my 10-month old son, it just kind of resembles a metaphor for how scattered the mind of a parent who has multiple young children can

Tacos for FB


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At least once a week I find myself yelling things like, ‘Attention, everyone! Who put a crap-ton of Legos in the garbage disposal!? Why is the dog drinking pee out of the training toilet?! Charley, where are your paaaaaants?!’ Followed with a raucous ‘You know what, don’t even worry about that. What you need to

kid drinking off keg

Do Your Kids Drink Booze Over the Holidays?


The holiday season is upon us. For us, I just spent two hours last weekend tearing down all of the crazy Halloween decorations that my wife had put up. She loves the holidays and so do I, but seriously…she REALLY loves the holidays. She’s like some sort of holiday-maniac. Anyway…down to the basement goes the

Plate guac add seed 11

Kitchen Sink Guacamole.

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Last night I got to shred up a Tostitos #GameTimeSnacks twitter party with a few dad friends – Life of Dad, The Rock Father and Rick on the Rocks. It was a great excuse to actually document the insanity behind making our own guacamole. This recipe is something that my wife and I have adapted

Crocs final 2

A Crocs Family Shoe Giveaway!


I’m not exactly sure what the year was, but I do remember that I was still in Los Angeles, working for Adam Sandler. Someone had gotten in touch with Brooks Arthur, an incredible music producer and member of the Happy Madison family. They had introduced him to a new shoe that was coming out and asked


Thanks for Everything + A Ristorante Holiday Giveaway!


It’s nice to finally have the last few weeks behind me, the sliced and bleeding, spray-paint tipped fingers from box-cutting and taping together our family Lego Halloween costumes, has me in stitches. Well, not really, just band-aids. I finally got the pumpkin gloop out from underneath my fingernails and several showers got the colored hairspray

ava and charlie in leaves 2014

Flexin’ Those Yams and Gams.


Disclosure: I am currently serving as a “Play Ambassador” for Let’s Play. This is a sponsored post, however, the opinions expressed are my own. I talk about it all of the time, so you probably don’t even want to get me started. October and November are hands down, my favorite months of the year. October has

charlie barfs in my mouth

So You’re Gonna Be a Dad?


Last month I celebrated five years since first becoming a dad. Wow, time flies when you’re in the trenches clawing at the dirt struggling for air, eh? It feels like just yesterday, I was one of the first of my friends to become a dad. I was scrambling around, trying to install car seats and pack