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Pepperoni Pesto and Spinachi off the grill

Grilled Pizza and a 4th of July Giveaway!


It feels like just yesterday that I had my face smashed up against the cold glass of our front window, whimpering about the foot of snow in the driveway that I’d soon have to clear. But that’s over. I woke up this morning and realized that it was July. We somehow skipped spring and went


Homemade Strawberry Watermelon Creamsicles from Heaven.


Last summer I was faced with the tough decision of whether or not my four year old boy was ready for kindergarten. Let me rephrase that…. I was faced with the tough decision of  whether or not I was ready for kindergarten. In the long run, I was able to get past my feelings of

Adrian on porch stoop in Souderton 1980

How I Discovered My Love for the Outdoors as a Child.

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Disclosure: I am currently serving as a “Play Ambassador” for Let’s Play. This is a sponsored post, however, the opinions expressed are my own. Sometimes love is found in the most mysterious of places… and ways. Ever since I was young, I’ve never questioned my passion for nature and the outdoors. What was the inspiration, you

Adrian cooking breakfast for kids 30 years later

Following in my Father’s Footsteps.


It’s funny, what you remember from your childhood. On this Father’s Day, I was lucky enough to spend it with my dad, as he and my mom drove down from Pennsylvania on Friday. Jenny and Nana ran a few errands in the later afternoon and my dad and I had a rare chance to hang

Ava blue eyes

Beating Back the Creature of Habit.


In the grand scheme of things, having a bunch of kids right in a row and being a full-time primary caregiver is pretty routine. Sure, when we had Ava (our first), EVERYTHING was a new experience, from changing your first diaper to giving your first bath, letting them walk on their own, despite your insecurities

Book Covers for Fathers Day

10 Books by Dads That You Need This Father’s Day.


In the spirit of Father’s Day, I thought it might only be fitting to highlight a few of the dads that I’ve met along the way that have written books. Not just ‘books’, but brutally honest works of non-fiction and comedic memoirs about fatherhood, written by actual fathers. Dudes that have ALL been in the


Do Dads Have a Chance at Being Their Daughter’s Best Friend?


I’ve been in my daughter’s life from the beginning. From the day she was born, took her first breath and cried in my arms. I’ve been there as she began to crawl and take her first steps, say her first word and develop an amazing and endearing personality. I became a full-time stay-at-home dad to

Mommy and Charlie on Mothers Day picnic

Maybe We Should’ve Stayed in on Mother’s Day to Have A Perfect Night In.


Now that I’ve recovered from the trauma of what was supposed to be a relaxing, lovely Mother’s Day, let me tell you what I SHOULD have done to celebrate. Every year since we’ve had kids, I make a point to ask my wife EXACTLY what she would like to do for Mother’s Day. During the


Happy Mother’s Day AND a Quinny Giveaway!


There was a time when I was really great at holidays and special occasions.  I would create a list of gift ideas, put some thought into buying a special piece of jewelry, like this amazing necklace (with all of our kids birthdates) from my friend Anna Bee… …or attempt an even more ambitious undertaking, collecting

LoD Starbucks Twitter party V2

Romeo Must Die?


NO. CHANCE. EVER. He WILL live. He DOES live. He MIGHT live inside of you… or even me, right now. You got moves like Jagger? (Me too! Not really, two huge, stupid left feet, but whatever.) Are you able to channel your inner-Marvin Gaye and serenade your lover late at night? (Me neither, but I