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Bangin’ Banana Nut Bread.


Last week we took the kids down to Williamsburg, Virginia to explore some historical landmarks and also celebrate a belated 2nd birthday for Mason at the Great Wolf Lodge – more on that next week as the Dad or Alive travel section debuts. Our planning couldn’t have been more complicated, as Snowmageddon was gripping our

Ava lice closeup

Head Lice: Jump in, the Nightmare is Scalding.


Head lice has been around forever. In fact, analysis of Peruvian mummies suggests that it was passed from the New World to the Old World, instead of the other way around. For those non-history majors, that’s a long frickin’ time ago. Head lice are wingless insects that spend their entire life on the human scalp,


My First Car was a Truck.


As a teenager, I spent my summers (most notably ’89, ’90, ’91) working my tail off, baling hay, fixing tractors, unloading feed trucks and using a pitchfork to empty cow stalls into an awaiting manure spreader. My best friend was Dave, and his grandparents were farmers… I was a farmhand, and I loved it. I

Glass of water

What’s in Your Kid’s Water?


When I was like four or five years old, I vaguely remember the massive drilling truck driving up the double-tracked dirt pathway that, at the time, was our driveway. My parents hadn’t broken ground to build yet, as it was somewhat contingent upon the location of our well. My dad anticipated a water table somewhere

Mallow Doh

Edible Marshmallow Playdough.

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With winter in full swing in ‘most’ parts of the country, with it comes days on end in which it’s too cold for the littles to go outside and play – it’s just too frickin’ cold. We’ve watched every movie, played every game, alphabetized our entire collection of Shopkins and are beginning to run out

Adrian in the pool with Aunt Beth 1981

Northern Heart on a Southern Stomach.


It may come as no surprise to those who have followed my personal circus over the past few years, that every mid-December we gear up to embark on an almost 700-mile journey to visit my in-laws just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Our family in the southern states continues to grow and even though I’m in

DOA family at Manna Food Pantry

Getting Food and Milk to Families in your Neighborhood this Holiday.

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As part of my ongoing commitment through the month of December to help raise money on behalf of The Great American Milk Drive, I’ve been hosting my own Milk Drive through Crowdrise. It’s a safe, secure and easy-to-use portal that enables you to donate as much or little to the cause as you want, with

Empty TP roll

5 Necessary Steps to Prepare for Holiday Company.


My wife and I hosted family at our house over Halloween AND the Thanksgiving holiday but luckily we’re traveling for Christmas, because it’s not easy to prepare your house for a full-on family invasion and we need a break. It’s tough enough to manage a household of five, including three kids under six and a

Mason gives a calf a bite

MILK: Please Help Me Give Back to Your Community.


We just pulled into the driveway after having an early Christmas with my Pennsylvania family and it has me thinking about this post. Honestly, it’s pure coincidence that it plays into my partnership with The Great American Milk Drive. While we were visiting my childhood home over this past weekend, my mom was brave enough

Ava goes to the dentist

A Holiday Letter from Dad or Alive: The Year in Review.


Dear Friends and Family, This past year has been incredibly wonderful and we’re sorry that we haven’t been able to visit, call or write more often (actually ‘sorry not sorry’ at all, parenting three kids under six tends to suck the life and apologies right out of you), but we’re hoping to catch you up