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Adrian on stage at Color Run

The Happiest 5k on the Planet.


If you dial back a few weeks and read my last post, you’ll remember Shout® showing up at my digital doorstep to pull me out of my partial running retirement. They challenged me to put together an 11-person team to represent Team Shout® and participate in The Color Run™ in Washington D.C. for the 2015

Ava and Charlie with Fall pumpkins

Autumn, Please Don’t Go, Baby. I Want You to Stay Forever.


It’s a tough gig to move away from your family, but for a lot of people it’s just inevitable. Whether you’re going off to college, running away from your one-horse town or sneaking out under the cover of darkness to join the circus as the guy who eats bugs and walks on broken glass – it

Daddy and the Super Heroes

My 4th Birthday Party was Awesome. Kidding, it was Charlie’s.


I’ve long thought that my wife only wanted kids as an excuse to plan their birthday parties… and I was partially right. The very first birthday party we (she) planned (for Ava) should have given me some insight into how her mind works, sending me running for cover, terrified about what the future had in store for

Autotrader photo

No Sir, I Will NOT Drive a Minivan.


And just like that, droves of angry parents take to the streets, heading towards my house, holding kitchen mops with roofing nails hammered through them and a DIY catapult dragged by an old Fisher-Price horsey, meant to launch flaming poop diapers at me while defending my front porch. People that own minivans are a special


Your Wings Suck, Try Mine.

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It’s the beginning of week 3 in the NFL and along with the joy and heartache comes with it, the excitement of tailgating. In my earlier years, tailgating in Philadelphia was something magnificent. Charcoal smoke wafting across the landscape, as we shotgunned canned Yuengling from the cooler while obese shirtless amateur neighborhood running backs dropped

Ava first day of school

5 Ways Straight Talk Wireless is Helping Me Get Back to School.


The end of August is one of my favorite times of the year. Winding down are the days of 95˚ heat with 95% humidity as we usher in cooler air, changing colors of the leaves and most importantly for me – SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION. The long summer days are a lot of fun,

Adrian wearing OFF clip on

Buggin’ Out on the Fourth.


This post is sponsored by OFF! ®, but all the opinions are my own. Ever since we left Los Angeles and moved back East, the days are gone where I can count on an almost-arid, sunny ’70-degree day. If you’re not familiar with the (just outside) watershed region of Maryland, the months of June, July and

Tylenol Dinner 2

How Does Your Family Eat Dinner?


These days, it could be any night of the week. It’s 6pm, halfway through what I call the ‘witching hour’. I’ve done it all. We went on a walk to the park, we pulled out the play-doh (and put the rock hard nuggets from last week in the trash), built a nostalgic-yet-stupid balsa flyer that

Dad and Charlie Buddy Band

Straight Up Family Business and Staying Connected.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of a campaign for the Straight Talk Wireless Tester program. The thoughts and opinions remain my own. As I mentioned in a different blog post last week, I’m rapidly approaching my sixth year as a stay-at-home dad. While the sixth year doesn’t feel much different than the

Adrian kissing Cinderella

10 Things I’ve Done Wrong as a Stay-at-Home Dad.

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It’s hard to believe that I’ve been a full-time stay-at-home dad for almost six years. There wasn’t one moment in the 90’s, where I sat back on my grody college sofa after pulling a hefty bong rip and thought, ‘Man, I’m really glad that I’m spending all this time and money to get a hearty