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Helping My Dog with His 2017 Resolutions.


It’s true, our dog is getting a little long in the tooth. The cataracts are kicking in, as well as the occasional incontinence – but he’s one of the family and we love him, so we’ve just got to navigate around a few things. By ‘things’, I’m referring to him constantly being under foot because


A Very Merry Canine Christmas.


Earlier this year, I was able to escape the clutches of a handful of kids and toddlers and make my way west to the great city of St. Louis, Missouri. It was my first time visiting the area and the family at Purina Beneful welcomed me and a few other bloggers with open arms to


10 Reasons the Road Trip Must Die.


I remember a time when we would get fired up for a road trip. We’d play ‘exploding fists’, dance around the room and lob out bro hugs as we yelled stuff like ‘Vegas!’ or ‘Let’s hit the desert – Let’s fuckin’ do this!’ – then we’d get drunk making zero preparations, get up the next


DAD’S IN DEEP SH!T #24: Banksy’s Buried Treasure.


My mom raised three boys in the country outside of Philadelphia.  Once June came around and school was out, she changed her hours at the hospital and worked nights so she could be at home during the day. I’m sure that part of it was wanting to enjoy the time with her kids, but logic


DAD VS. DOG #3: A Dog’s Life.


ME: Get up already, I’m on a schedule.  You need to go outside and dump out before Mom leaves for work.


DAD VS. DOG #2: Shootout At Infant Corral.

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Another shootout at infant corral. COOPER: I’ll wait until he’s got his hands full feeding that dumb baby and then make my move. ME: Keep it up asshole.


DAD VS. DOG #1: Sophie The Giraffe.


A lot of people think that getting a dog before you have kids is a great move.  Canines certainly aren’t as complicated as infants, but they do force you to understand what it might be like to have someone depend on you and the responsibility of keeping them alive. The upside is love and companionship. 


Cookie Monster Needs His Sleep.


The days of eating out of vending machines and recycling underwear were over.  No longer would I have to touch my rear to a foreign toilet seat, watch sports in standard-definition, or remember the names of 30 rotating nurses.  We were back on home turf.  After we carried Ava into the house, I spent some