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5 Necessary Steps to Prepare for Holiday Company.


My wife and I hosted family at our house over Halloween AND the Thanksgiving holiday but luckily we’re traveling for Christmas, because it’s not easy to prepare your house for a full-on family invasion and we need a break. It’s tough enough to manage a household of five, including three kids under six and a


Potty Training 101: Do you Ball or Fold?


Of all the things that we, as parents, must deal with during these early developmental years, potty training might just be the toughest. I’m not ignoring teething (and the diarrhea and screaming that comes with it) or sleep cycles, because those are hard-hitters too. But Potty training is an extra special beast. With Ava, I


DAD’S IN DEEP SH!T #14: Literally.


LITERALLY.  SEND HELP. WAIT. My daughter seems to be in the bathroom hovering around me curiously while I take my meeting, handing me toys, pointing at me and saying ‘pee’ and ‘pew’. Fantastic, I’ll ask her for help.  You guys go back to work.