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The Tale of 26 T-Shirts.


There’s nothing more painful than having to move a family of five twice in one year. Throw in having to switch schools, adjust to different schedules and policies and then have half of the family get the flu (including myself currently), it’s been a borderline debilitating few months. Many thanks to my friends at Clorox


My Kids Ruined My Wardrobe.

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It’s true. In a galaxy far, far away, in another place and time, I actually owned a few pieces of beautiful clothing. I had designer jeans and shirts with buttons, neatly pressed featuring collar stays and paper inserts from the dry cleaner. They were color-coded in my closet, vibrant hues of primary and secondary colors


The Ever-Evolving Stain Pain.


As some of you may have seen in recent weeks, Shout® had reached out to me with an intriguing opportunity. Clearly someone tipped them off to my bold and outlandish personality. However, they moved forward knowing the few wits I still had about me (SAHD+6 years+3 kids/no sleep x fulltime blogger = [do the hard math]


The Happiest 5k on the Planet.


If you dial back a few weeks and read my last post, you’ll remember Shout® showing up at my digital doorstep to pull me out of my partial running retirement. They challenged me to put together an 11-person team to represent Team Shout® and participate in The Color Run™ in Washington D.C. for the 2015


Don’t Be Gawkin’ at my Gams.


This post was sponsored by Shout® to promote its New Generation of Stains campaign and partnership with The Color Run™ It’s been two years since me and my team won the Washington D.C. 199-mile relay known as Ragnar – the grueling race that never rests. A continuous overnight trek that took us from Cumberland, Maryland,