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Getting Outside is Half the Battle.


June has already come out swinging with a roller coaster of temperatures that match the emotions of my children as they phase their way out of Preschool, Pre-K and 1st grade. Some days we’ve got super highs and some days we’ve got super lows. The only constant would be that ‘nothing is ever good enough’,


Living Life in the Moment.


A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to orientation at Charlie’s new preschool in the evening… Ava, Charlie and Mason played in one of the classrooms along with a dozen other children while the parents attended a short informational meeting – evidently, that’s our new ‘date night’. In the form of a


Edible Marshmallow Playdough.


With winter in full swing in ‘most’ parts of the country, with it comes days on end in which it’s too cold for the littles to go outside and play – it’s just too frickin’ cold. We’ve watched every movie, played every game, alphabetized our entire collection of Shopkins and are beginning to run out


Kitchen Sink Guacamole.

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Last night I got to shred up a Tostitos #GameTimeSnacks twitter party with a few dad friends – Life of Dad, The Rock Father and Rick on the Rocks. It was a great excuse to actually document the insanity behind making our own guacamole. This recipe is something that my wife and I have adapted


EAT YOUR HEART OUT #4: Hot Dog Jellyfish.


One of the perks of being in a creative industry is that a good majority of my friends are of the same mind. They’re constantly supplying me with inspiration for both food and non-food related projects, which is fantastic because I really don’t have any extra time to scour the world-wide-web in search of the