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Celebrating Legendary Dads with an Old Spice Giveaway.


This past weekend we were up in Philly for my cousin’s wedding, but had some time on Saturday morning to run a few errands and pick up a bunch of non-important items (toothpaste, dog food, etc.) that we forgot at home. One of those things was the belt that went with my suit. So we


No Longer Good with the Wood.

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My friends at Life of Dad and Lowe’s reached out to me this Father’s Day to come up with any idea for a project and execute it to inspire the masses. Immediately I thought about making a few bird feeders – one for us and one for each grandfather. Charlie and I took this one


All in for Mother’s Day


Growing up, my brothers and I always eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Sears Christmas Wish List catalog. That thing was massive, heavy, and filled with all kinds of amazing toys… we would fight over it, trying our best to be the first to circle the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier or Star Wars figurines… we


My Kids Call Me LEGEND.

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By definition, a LEGEND is a non-historical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical. THIS guy is about to challenge that definition by offering up a combination of physical proof and testimonials from the living (me, my wife and kids) that redefine my LIVING LEGEND status and


Italian Wedding Soupla Hoopla.


March Madness rages on and with it, comes an appetite for the win. I’m one of those GO BIG OR GO HOME kinda guys and if you pick up the right items and get behind the wheel of this soup, you’re bound for victory. I found this recipe a few years ago in an Ina


Your Wings Suck, Try Mine.

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It’s the beginning of week 3 in the NFL and along with the joy and heartache comes with it, the excitement of tailgating. In my earlier years, tailgating in Philadelphia was something magnificent. Charcoal smoke wafting across the landscape, as we shotgunned canned Yuengling from the cooler while obese shirtless amateur neighborhood running backs dropped


BREAKING: Wingman Saves Dad on a Sweltering Summer Saturday.


So far, this summer has come out swinging. Literally. Over the past few weeks, Charlie has been grinding his way through his first season of t-ball, in our local 4 and under league. I was so excited by the idea of him being old enough to play, that I offered up my services as an


Mushroom Bruschetta – Enter Your Favorite Mushroom Recipe to Win $500!

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Pssst… yo dude. Yeah you. You wanna eat some ‘shrooms? I got whatever you want. Woody, earthy, small, dark and hearty…I even got some some new stuff for the fall… delicate, young, translucent, eccentrically stemmed caps cascading shelflike from the surface of dead hardwood trees… I love the ‘shrooms, man. Wait, I know what you’re thinking…not


The Big Easy: 1,000 Days in the Making.


If you noticed a small lapse of correspondence last week, it’s because I was in New Orleans, Louisiana, attending the 3rd annual Dad Summit 2.0. I had attended last year in Houston, Texas as a fly on the wall, somewhat unfamiliar with the small militia of dad bloggers occupying the space.  At the time, I


The Greatest Sports Moment of My Life.


It’s that time of year again. The Super Bowl is in our face, which also means that pitchers and catchers will soon start reporting for spring training.  Five-layer bean dip and cheap beer has us hiding in our friends bathroom playing the ass horn.  The NFL playoffs have brought us some amazing moments thus far