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Getting Old: Sexy AND Comfortable.


On the heels of turning 40 this past Friday, I got all the classic ‘old dude’ gifts, complete with an ‘Over the Hill’ coffee mug and a 6-pack of handkerchiefs (for me to cry into) from wife’s grandparents. But then I also had a few people tell me that ’40 is the new 30′ and


Your Wings Suck, Try Mine.

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It’s the beginning of week 3 in the NFL and along with the joy and heartache comes with it, the excitement of tailgating. In my earlier years, tailgating in Philadelphia was something magnificent. Charcoal smoke wafting across the landscape, as we shotgunned canned Yuengling from the cooler while obese shirtless amateur neighborhood running backs dropped


The Big Easy: 1,000 Days in the Making.


If you noticed a small lapse of correspondence last week, it’s because I was in New Orleans, Louisiana, attending the 3rd annual Dad Summit 2.0. I had attended last year in Houston, Texas as a fly on the wall, somewhat unfamiliar with the small militia of dad bloggers occupying the space.  At the time, I