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Looking Back on Amazing Trips with the Kids PLUS a HUGE Travel Giveaway!


Every year, halfway through December, I get to a point where I get all nostalgic and reflect on the past year. I think about the things that I’ve been able to accomplish with my blog, the milestones and memories that my wife and I have been able to create with the kids and what I


Have Yourself a Merry Little Road Trip? (Plus a Fisher-Price Playard Giveaway!)


It’s no secret that my wife and I live hundreds of miles away from our respective families and I am sure that we’re not in the minority. For us, and those of you in that same (cramped up and horrific smelling) boat, December might mean ‘life on the road’. So far this month, we’ve driven


A Crocs Family Shoe Giveaway!


I’m not exactly sure what the year was, but I do remember that I was still in Los Angeles, working for Adam Sandler. Someone had gotten in touch with Brooks Arthur, an incredible music producer and member of the Happy Madison family. They had introduced him to a new shoe that was coming out and asked


Flexin’ Those Yams and Gams.


Disclosure: I am currently serving as a “Play Ambassador” for Let’s Play. This is a sponsored post, however, the opinions expressed are my own. I talk about it all of the time, so you probably don’t even want to get me started. October and November are hands down, my favorite months of the year. October has


Mushroom Bruschetta – Enter Your Favorite Mushroom Recipe to Win $500!

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Pssst… yo dude. Yeah you. You wanna eat some ‘shrooms? I got whatever you want. Woody, earthy, small, dark and hearty…I even got some some new stuff for the fall… delicate, young, translucent, eccentrically stemmed caps cascading shelflike from the surface of dead hardwood trees… I love the ‘shrooms, man. Wait, I know what you’re thinking…not


Grilled Pizza and a 4th of July Giveaway!


It feels like just yesterday that I had my face smashed up against the cold glass of our front window, whimpering about the foot of snow in the driveway that I’d soon have to clear. But that’s over. I woke up this morning and realized that it was July. We somehow skipped spring and went


Happy Mother’s Day AND a Quinny Giveaway!


There was a time when I was really great at holidays and special occasions.  I would create a list of gift ideas, put some thought into buying a special piece of jewelry, like this amazing necklace (with all of our kids birthdates) from my friend Anna Bee… …or attempt an even more ambitious undertaking, collecting


Romeo Must Die?


NO. CHANCE. EVER. He WILL live. He DOES live. He MIGHT live inside of you… or even me, right now. You got moves like Jagger? (Me too! Not really, two huge, stupid left feet, but whatever.) Are you able to channel your inner-Marvin Gaye and serenade your lover late at night? (Me neither, but I


Lucky in Love…and Pizza + Dr. Oetker Giveaway!


Let’s get one thing straight. I am a lover of food. I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to take part in any of these maple syrup/lemon juice cleanses OR count my calories, using a pinch of Parmesan on my salad instead of an entire, huge ball of creamy, delicious Burrata. After having three


Building Mason’s Fortress of Solitude + A HUGE Target Giveaway.


I SORT OF remember a few years back when, in the middle of baseball playoff season, my wife yelled to me from the other room, “Forget about the game, we’ve got shit to do.” I’m being facetious, it’s almost impossible to forget that moment, it was my very first blog post on Dad or Alive