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Does Cleaning Make Your Kid a Better Person?


Depending on which part of the country you live in, I’m fairly certain that I’m not alone in saying that I feel like my kids have gone to school for a collective 6 days since mid-December. Whether it’s been because of Christmas or Hanukkah break, New Year celebrations, snow days or the inevitable quarantine-inspired day


Jack of All Trades, Master of None.


It wasn’t that long ago that I had a formal job, where I had to actually report to a live, adult human being. I sometimes wore this unique style of shirt that had buttons and a collar – far different than my current ensemble. I was fortunate enough to have a job where we had


Making the House a Home.


As a few of you know from my last post, we’ve recently had a bout with black mold in our kitchen. The last six weeks have seemed like a massive game of rope-a-dope, with me stumbling from one corner of the ring to the next. The good news is that we found a great place


28 Days Later, Surviving Mold.


I haven’t talked about it much over the last month or so, but back in January, our family experienced a very minor water leak in the kitchen of our home in coastal Virginia. Moisture made it’s way in between the hardwood and sub-flooring and created a black mold situation that extended throughout our kitchen and


My Kids Ruined My Wardrobe.

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It’s true. In a galaxy far, far away, in another place and time, I actually owned a few pieces of beautiful clothing. I had designer jeans and shirts with buttons, neatly pressed featuring collar stays and paper inserts from the dry cleaner. They were color-coded in my closet, vibrant hues of primary and secondary colors


30 Minutes or Less.


A few months ago, I met up with some friend’s wives at a wine bar for a ‘stitch n’ bitch’, where we relaxed over cured meats and booze while our spouses stayed with the kids.  I was a visitor to something they called ‘work drinks’. We talked about Ryan Reynold’s abs, which restaurants had changing