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My 4th Birthday Party was Awesome. Kidding, it was Charlie’s.


I’ve long thought that my wife only wanted kids as an excuse to plan their birthday parties… and I was partially right. The very first birthday party we (she) planned (for Ava) should have given me some insight into how her mind works, sending me running for cover, terrified about what the future had in store for


An Interview With Myself as I Turn 38.


It’s no surprise that I showed up to my own interview nervous, after hours of rummaging through my closet for no reason, sifting through out-of-date dress shirts, still pressed and holding the tags from a dry cleaner in Los Angeles. It’s been over four years since any of them have been worn. That’s how long


AVA FULL OF GRACE #2: I Used To Be One.


Last week we were out running errands and all of the sudden….TRUE STORY. AVA:  Daddy, I’m almost 3.  This many. (holds up 3 fingers) DADDY, LOOK AT MY FINGERS! ME:  Ava, I’m driving right now, wait one second until we get to the stoplight. AVA:  And right now I’m two.  This many. WE PULL UP


From The Heart.


October is birthday time around these parts.  First, my wife, then my daughter.  It’s a double wallet crusher that somehow always catches me off-guard, sprinting around town collecting gift receipts the day before.  This was the first birthday with Ava involved, so it put a decent amount of pressure on the big guy (me).  My


It’s My Party And Dad Will Cry If He Wants To. Part 2.


I got showered and dressed and headed for the door.  Our place was a disaster. Carrot skins and zucchini ends on the floor in the kitchen, wax soda bottles and skittles spread across the dining room table from the candy cake.  Empty paper towel and aluminum foil tubes, pots and pans sprawled everywhere.  Opened luggage


It’s My Party And Dad Will Cry If He Wants To. Part 1.


It started last August with a knock at the door.  I remember it vividly because the UPS driver banged on it like he was the DEA executing a search warrant, waking Ava up from her nap.  What can brown do for me?  TRY NOT TO BANG ON MY DOOR LIKE A CAVEMAN NEXT TIME YOU