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They Call Him The Batman. [APP REVIEW]

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More than a decade before Adam West donned his black suit with pointed ears and appeared on television as Batman, my father was born. My dad spent those years as a young man whom everyone addressed as Bruce. If you inquired more intently with my grandmother, you’d come to find out that my dad’s legit


Halloween Keeps Me on My Toes.

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. It was pretty simple when I was a kid. Me and my brothers loved coming up with original costume ideas and always got Mom’s help to put them into action. If we were really lucky, we went to the Sines 5 & 10 or maybe even


Swimming With Sharts.

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This past April, Jen suggested that we introduce Ava to the swimming pool.  I paused to digest the information and then shot her a look as if someone had removed her brain from her head while she was sleeping.  Could you even do that?  This kid is only six months old.  Won’t the chlorine in