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I Flew to St. Louis in Honor of a Fallen Friend.


Back on a hot and humid summer afternoon in rural Pennsylvania during the mid-1980’s, my dad slowly crawled up the driveway in his work truck, a drive he did every day – but there was something different this time. The old man had always been home between 4:30 and 5pm and we anxiously awaited his


How I Discovered My Love for the Outdoors as a Child.

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Disclosure: I am currently serving as a “Play Ambassador” for Let’s Play. This is a sponsored post, however, the opinions expressed are my own. Sometimes love is found in the most mysterious of places… and ways. Ever since I was young, I’ve never questioned my passion for nature and the outdoors. What was the inspiration, you


The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done.


As parents, we’ve all had to play the ‘Why’ game. For those of us who have ever had toddlers, we understand what it’s like to be the target of a rapid-fire Q&A. You know, something like this… KID: “Why is there grass in our front yard?” PARENT: “Because someone planted grass seed there when they


The Greatest Sports Moment of My Life.


It’s that time of year again. The Super Bowl is in our face, which also means that pitchers and catchers will soon start reporting for spring training.  Five-layer bean dip and cheap beer has us hiding in our friends bathroom playing the ass horn.  The NFL playoffs have brought us some amazing moments thus far


Step Into My office, Don’t Mind The Toilet.


A few weeks before Ava was born, I spent a lot of time in our home office, staring at the framed sports memorabilia, action figures and collectibles that I’d accumulated over the last 20 years.  There were Legos and Pez, Bobbleheads, G.I. Joe’s and autographed baseballs.  It was a wealth of evidence that demonstrated how