It’s Not Just Your Ordinary Dog Food.

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about a trip I took to St. Louis to meet up with some friends from the Purina Beneful family. As I previously mentioned, Purina has been a brand used by my family since we brought our Golden Lab, Cara, home almost 35 years ago – and they


The Facts About Giving Your Kids Drugs.


I haven’t talked a lot about it, but I can tell you it was one of the top five most nerve-racking moments in my adult life. “Your son has a mass on his left kidney. It’s large. We need to send you for some further diagnostic testing.” I heard the Ob/Gyn say the words–I can


Easing the Back-to-School Tradition.


I am partnering with Minute Maid for a series of stories to help parents realize they’re #doingood. All opinions are my own. Summer is an amazing time for everyone. Like most families, we look forward to the warm weather, swimming at the pool and maybe even a family vacation by the lake. Collecting seashells has


The Silent Sting of Summer.


With our recent move to the coastal country of Virginia, there are a few things that have become glaringly obvious. First off, trying to pack up over 700 boxes with three kids under the age of six running around is an incredibly hard task. Second, there’s no telling how crazy your kids will act during


I Flew to St. Louis in Honor of a Fallen Friend.


Back on a hot and humid summer afternoon in rural Pennsylvania during the mid-1980’s, my dad slowly crawled up the driveway in his work truck, a drive he did every day – but there was something different this time. The old man had always been home between 4:30 and 5pm and we anxiously awaited his


Don’t Be Lazy, Make Your Own Pickles.

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It’s February 29th, which only happens every four years and I’m still rollin’ deep in pickles that I made (myself) back in late August. Maybe it’s not the height of summer pickling, but you might wanna tuck this away – bookmark it – for the coming weeks, because there’s nothing sweeter, crispier and snappier than


10 Things I’ve Done Wrong as a Stay-at-Home Dad.

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It’s hard to believe that I’ve been a full-time stay-at-home dad for almost six years. There wasn’t one moment in the 90’s, where I sat back on my grody college sofa after pulling a hefty bong rip and thought, ‘Man, I’m really glad that I’m spending all this time and money to get a hearty


He Killed a Man.


As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m honored to work with The Century Council on their #TalkEarly campaign, educating parents and kids on underage drinking and drinking and driving. My next post with them wasn’t supposed to happen for another few weeks, but something in the news caught my eye and I offered to