School’s Out for Summer, Run for Cover!

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June 15, 2016 |  by  |  Branded Content

I am partnering with Minute Maid for a series of stories to help parents realize they’re #doingood. All opinions are my own.

For some parents (definitely not me), the end of school means retreating to the house, putting on your hockey gear complete with helmet and pads, hunching down in a goalie stance and using that stick to fight your kids off from eating you out of house and home.

It might mean shipping them off to camp or telling them to go to the community pool and not come back until the sun hits the horizon. It could also mean sending them into hard labor – cleaning the garage, mowing the lawn or pulling weeds in the flowerbeds.

Or, maybe it just means that they’ll quietly disappear into the den and make it their life’s mission to complete a new video game each week until school starts back up again.

While most of this is all fine and good in moderation, the summer can also be a time to spend some time together (I can hear tweens and their parents barfing) as a family.

Even as at the ripe age of 40, I still have fond memories of fishing with my dad, going to flea markets with my mom, riding our BMXs and exploring nature. We went ‘down the shore’ in Jersey and occasionally Maryland, camped out in the backyard and talked around the fire.

I don’t ALWAYS remember us being totally PSYCHED when mom and dad told us that they wanted to take us to Amish country to show us how they made butter and yes, it took them some effort to get us there, but guess what? All these years later, that’s the stuff I remember being so great— – the times we spent together.

I’m excited to reteam with my friends at Minute Maid over the next few months and contribute to The Good Minute.


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For most of families with kids spending time together means approximately three weeks' vacation to some place. However, the truth is you can go for a trip even for a weekend: fishing, a little climbing, observing the beauty of nature. Why not? Such things are making you closer as a family. Plus kids won't be bored as this is only for 2 days. It worth trying and you'll see how much you enjoy a weekend.

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