Don’t Be Gawkin’ at my Gams.

September 11, 2015 |  by  |  Branded Content

This post was sponsored by Shout® to promote its New Generation of Stains campaign and partnership with The Color Run™

It’s been two years since me and my team won the Washington D.C. 199-mile relay known as Ragnar – the grueling race that never rests. A continuous overnight trek that took us from Cumberland, Maryland, through thick forests of the Appalachians and into civil-war era towns under the light of the moon, passing the Lincoln Memorial and finally collapsing at our National Harbor.

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“Really wish I had some Shout® products handy to help with all the gross stains Ragnar created on my clothes.”

Just kidding… we didn’t win. Not by a long shot.

However, WE FINISHED – and actually didn’t do that bad.

I view it as an accomplishment.

In fact, I often wear my medal around town – because I don’t give a turd nugget about what anyone thinks.

I wanted to prove to myself that, not only could I handle a job so physically demanding as being a stay-at-home parent for three extremely young Gremlins, but I could fight my way around Rocky Gap State Park Lake, through the mountains and down a lonely stretch of state highway at 2am.

Perhaps it’s because my beaming pride has shone so brightly across the internet and beyond, that word has spread all the way to the team at SHOUT®!, who approached me last week to get my gams back in action. They want these pale, dad thighs to experience one of the newest kinds of stains out there and run the happiest 5k on the planet – The Color Run™ – right here in D.C.

On September 27th, I’ll be breaking out my crusty running shoes and oiling up the joints to join an 11-humanoid team that will wear all white, get smashed in the body with colored powder and the like, to complete another bucket list challenge. All to contribute to the 4+million dollars this race has donated, thus far, to more than 80 national and local charities. NOTE: The Color Run is neither a charity, nor a non-profit organization.

I’ve asked a few of my Ragnar alums to join, as well as my wife, Jen, my brother, Eric and my mom friends from the neighborhood. However, that’s only eight members, and I’m looking for eleven.

Three spots remain open. And that’s where I’m looking to hear from you.

I’d like to see if there’s anyone out there (local or not) that might have the guts to run/walk/crawl/be pushed in a double-stroller with this wolf pack.

Between now and September 15th, tell me why YOU want to get out of the house and be happy and healthy, and I’ll take care of your registration so you can show up and run with us as we tackle one of the trendiest stains.

Leave your note in the section below or send me a Tweet, and I’ll pick three smiling faces (take care of your registration, as mentioned and send you everything you’ll need to join team DAD OR ALIVE running on behalf of Shout®) in Washington D.C. later this month.

C’mon, let’s do this!

Let’s make some memories!

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