Autumn, Please Don’t Go, Baby. I Want You to Stay Forever.

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It’s a tough gig to move away from your family, but for a lot of people it’s just inevitable. Whether you’re going off to college, running away from your one-horse town or sneaking out under the cover of darkness to join the circus as the guy who eats bugs and walks on broken glass – it can be difficult.

For me, I suppose it was all of the above… if, by circus you mean pledging a fraternity.

However, finding the right job and starting a family also fall in line with the reasons my wife and I now live where we live.

Our family on the first day of preschool

First day of pre-school for Ava and Charlie, 2014. Makes me smile.

Being away isn’t all that bad. Over the years, between the two of us, we’ve lived in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida and California. We got married in Massachusetts and now call Maryland our home. It’s exciting to take on different locales – there’s always something fun to do right around the corner… like check online for crime statistics, registered sex offenders, and median income. And the other stuff, like local, regional or state parks, shopping venues or outlets (I’m sure my wife appreciates me adding this) or museums and lakes and rivers. This is all EXTREMELY fun stuff.

Living far away from the majority of your family does have it’s downsides though…

Ava and Charlie with Fall pumpkins

This picture isn’t one of them. Ava and Charlie enjoying apples at a roadside orchard on the 15 South between Pennsylvania and Maryland.

I have to pay someone to babysit the kids, instead of just guilting Nana & Pop-Pop into submission. I don’t get as many funny cakes, shoo fly or corn pies (Pennsylvania Dutchy right here) as I might like. And we don’t necessarily always get to share those amazing seasonal moments together – but we manage to stay connected through our phones and social media.

Daddy and Ava picking apples in autumn

You’ve seen this picture before, but it’s one of my all-time favorites. Fall is my jam and it’s my mission to share as many good memories of this season with my kids as possible.

Autumn is one of those picturesque seasons that, no matter where you are (unless you live in Los Angeles, where it’s 75 and sunny every day and you have no trees), you’ve got an ever-changing and beautiful landscape. It feels great to get outside and find a background that isn’t dropped from the ceiling on canvas in a photo studio at the back of some mall.

Daddy and Ava at her first Phillies game

Our first MLB game together.

If we weren’t connected, how would I let everyone know that I fulfilled a lifelong dream of taking my daughter to her first Major League Phillies baseball game?

Or let everyone know that we were expecting our third child to be a boy?

Charlie on a haystack

Charlie sitting on a bale of hay after he found out that he was getting a brother.

This time of year has brought many great memories, despite where we were – every city has it’s own magic.

Adrian in Autumn Knoxville

Autumn alleys in Knoxville, Tennessee. Just passin’ through.

Whether it’s traveling or just sitting at home with your family – it’s nice to be able to stay connected and share glimpses into each other’s worlds.

Flying a kite at molasses park

Flying a kite with my Nana, Pop-Pop and family in Molasses Park.

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