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A Fortress of Fallen Solitude.

Before I started a family, the bathroom was kind of similar to the post office for me, I’d occasionally stop in, drop off my mail and abandon ship a few minutes later. In recent years, since Ava, Charlie and Mason were born, I’d locate the little half-bathroom in our house and barricade myself inside with...

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My journey as a father and full-time stay-at-home parent.


Chicago is our Kind of Town.

About two weeks ago, I posted a blog about a surprise trip that Ava and I took together to Chicago with the help of our friends at Hilton Homewood Suites. It’s part of a #TravelMANager #DadTime campaign to showcase some great fathers (and a few friends) spending some one-on-one time with their kids. After having...

A Trip to the Windy City that we’ll never forget.

A few weeks ago, I got news that as part of the Hilton Homewood Suites #TravelMANager and #DadTime campaign, they wanted me to take my daughter on a surprise trip to a city of my choice. This isn’t a normal everyday occurrence and the last time Ava and I went away for a daddy-daughter trip...
Cara on the front porch (1)

I Flew to St. Louis in Honor of a Fallen Friend.

Back on a hot and humid summer afternoon in rural Pennsylvania during the mid-1980’s, my dad slowly crawled up the driveway in his work truck, a drive he did every day – but there was something different this time. The old man had always been home between 4:30 and 5pm and we anxiously awaited his...
hold baby first time

There’s No Manual for Being a Dad.

A little over six years ago, I became a dad. It wasn’t a surprise, so I should’ve been prepared, right? Wrong. I don’t care what you do – construction, customer service, hostage negotiation—PARENTING is the toughest job there is. Before Ava came into the picture, the previous years found me only concerned about myself, which...

Dad's In Deep Sh!t

OMFG. There he is. Right in the middle of it.

Mason waits for help

DAD’S IN DEEP SH!T #27 – King Arthur Lives.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Earlier today, unbeknownst to you, it came in the form of this guy. Unfortunately, here he is again… All 6’1″ and 230 pounds of mouth-breathing sexiness with stickers on his face. He may not look like much, but after making the kids breakfast, packing their lunches and running...
Charlie with toilet seat on head


With the recent birth of our third child, I’ve felt confident that Ava (4½) and Charlie (2½) were in a pretty good place for the most part, able to listen and follow most directions and on occasion even lend a hand with the baby.  Ava has been a great big sister so far, helping to...
Is that choclate 1

DAD’S IN DEEP SH!T #26 – Is That Chocolate?

I’ve always wanted to be on a game show…but never realized that my dreams had already come true.  I’ve been on one for the last four years and never even knew it. I’ve been living life as a contestant on one of the most riveting hidden-camera competitions to date.  It’s not for the faint of...
Spilled pickles

DAD’S IN DEEP SH!T #25: Clean Up On Aisle Two.

“We’re gonna need a wet clean-up in aisle two”, I heard over the PA system of my local grocery store.  We froze in our tracks, tipped our hats and offered a curtsy towards the other shoppers in our vicinity.  I’d love to tell you that this was the first and last time this ever happened,...

Ava Full Of Grace

Some of Ava’s less graceful performances.

Avas First Self Haircut


It was only a matter of time. After getting beat down on a daily basis over the last five years, I’ve gotten tired. Some people might call it lazy, but those people can suck it. I prefer tired. I pretty much let my kids do whatever they want these days. Well, not really, but you...
Dad watching football with post-its

AVA FULL OF GRACE #7: Put Me In The Game, Coach. I’m Ready.

Ten years ago, if you wanted to find me on a Sunday, I’d be at O’Briens Irish Pub in Santa Monica, California.  I’d ride my bike there from Marina Del Rey, wearing my Randall Cunningham jersey, donning a foam Philadelphia Eagles helmet. I could do that.  I was in neutral territory.  LA doesn’t have a...
Daddy and Ava at Pitt Childrens Museum car

AVA FULL OF GRACE #6: She’s Driving Me Insane.

In my 20’s, I was a force to be reckoned with.  I was in superior shape, had great metabolism and could literally eat a handful of dirt and wash it down with a handle of Banker’s Club vodka and go run a marathon. But I’m not 20 anymore.  I’m on the backside of my 30’s,...
Ava sleeping on the stairs

AVA FULL OF GRACE #5: Get To Steppin’.

Recently Ava is going through this phase where, after we put her and Charlie to bed, she sneaks back down the stairs to see what ‘mommy and daddy time’ is all about.  Maybe she thinks she’s going to stumble in on us making a big heroin deal or having some Eyes Wide Shut party in...

An Interview With...



Life or Debt is Spike TV’s new series where Victor Antonio shows families how to get themselves out of debt by operating like a business.  ADRIAN: So. Life or Debt on Spike TV. Brilliant concept, love the execution and my wife and I have watched every episode. Like many other families, we’re always looking for...
LARSON on stage in LA

An Interview with Jay Larson, Star of Esquire Network’s ‘Best Bars in America’.

Many of you might know who Jay Larson is. He might look oddly familiar. You may have seen him on Comedy Central or any of his multiple performances on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’. Or it was possibly one of his epic sets from ‘Conan’, including this one, which went viral and garnered over a million hits...

An Interview with the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees.

Yesterday was just a regular November Monday morning around my house, right? It was 6:30am and I stepped out on the front porch with a cup of joe to see if the Christmas lights and garland that I hung up on Sunday (don’t judge me) made it through the night’s brutal winds.  My 2 1/2...

Big League Dads.

Two of my favorite things are baseball and being a father (not necessarily in that order). So when I heard about a campaign between Major League Baseball and my friends at Dove Men+Care, I wanted to help spread the word. As a kid, I idolized guys like Mike Schmidt, Wally Joyner, Mark McGwire and Frank...

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A Fortress of Fallen Solitude.

Before I started a family, the bathroom was kind of similar to the post office for me, I’d occasionally stop in, drop off my mail and abandon ship a few minutes later. In recent years, since Ava, Charlie and Mason were born, I’d locate the little half-bathroom in our house and barricade myself inside with...

Living Life in the Moment.

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to orientation at Charlie’s new preschool in the evening… Ava, Charlie and Mason played in one of the classrooms along with a dozen other children while the parents attended a short informational meeting – evidently, that’s our new ‘date night’. In the form of a...

Everything is Big When You’re 5, Including Texas.

A big Texas thanks (from Virginia) to everyone that read my last post about Charlie and I taking an adventure to the great city of San Antonio on behalf of our friends at Hilton Homewood Suites. I finally had a chance to sit down and take a look at the video that I shot (or...

Charlie and I Hit the Lone Star State.

School has fired up here in Coastal Virginia and between drop-offs, pick-ups, tennis and soccer practice, well visits at the doctor and continuing to unpack after our move further South, life is hitting as a category 5 with sustained winds in excess of 125 mph. So it makes perfect sense to sit down for a...

What's Cookin'

Some favorite recipes from Dad or Alive and his foodie friends.

Sweet Potato Tacos Finished

TERRA’S KITCHEN: Sweet Potato Tacos PLUS Crispy Citrus Chicken and Garlic Broccoli Skillet.

Every now and again, I like to give a try to something that might give us a hand when we’re down (like when I had the flu this past week and couldn’t cook) OR if we’re just having a really busy week with travel or long days or commutes to the office. It just so...

Italian Wedding Soupla Hoopla.

March Madness rages on and with it, comes an appetite for the win. I’m one of those GO BIG OR GO HOME kinda guys and if you pick up the right items and get behind the wheel of this soup, you’re bound for victory. I found this recipe a few years ago in an Ina...

Don’t Be Lazy, Make Your Own Pickles.

It’s February 29th, which only happens every four years and I’m still rollin’ deep in pickles that I made (myself) back in late August. Maybe it’s not the height of summer pickling, but you might wanna tuck this away – bookmark it – for the coming weeks, because there’s nothing sweeter, crispier and snappier than...

Bangin’ Banana Nut Bread.

Last week we took the kids down to Williamsburg, Virginia to explore some historical landmarks and also celebrate a belated 2nd birthday for Mason at the Great Wolf Lodge – more on that next week as the Dad or Alive travel section debuts. Our planning couldn’t have been more complicated, as Snowmageddon was gripping our...


Dad or Alive gets crafty around the house.


No Longer Good with the Wood.

My friends at Life of Dad and Lowe’s reached out to me this Father’s Day to come up with any idea for a project and execute it to inspire the masses. Immediately I thought about making a few bird feeders – one for us and one for each grandfather. Charlie and I took this one...
Valentine Snow Globes

Valentine Snow Globes.

According to Wikipedia, Valentine’s Day was first associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when courtly love flourished, which may bore you to death before you finish reading this article. As kids in the somewhat (1980’s) modern era know, it was our parents job to pick up...
Mallow Doh

Edible Marshmallow Playdough.

With winter in full swing in ‘most’ parts of the country, with it comes days on end in which it’s too cold for the littles to go outside and play – it’s just too frickin’ cold. We’ve watched every movie, played every game, alphabetized our entire collection of Shopkins and are beginning to run out...
Thanksgiving 2015 featured image setting

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings.

Thanksgiving is a relatively new holiday for US, even though we’ve been married for seven years. By that, I mean, traditionally we have traveled almost every single November and December, criss-crossing the country to spend time with both families. Three years ago, we started hosting a small Thanksgiving for my side of the family at...


2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Food City 500

©Phil Cavali

Bristol, Tennessee is About to Remind You Why They’re on the Map.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from the folks at Pilot Flying J. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m constantly driving up and down the eastern seaboard visiting family as far north as Pennsylvania and as far south as Atlanta, I might not be completely familiar with the largest operator of...
Adrian roping in Sonoran Desert

A Weekend in the Sonoran Desert with Corning Gorilla Glass.

Up until earlier this month, I’m pretty sure that I’d only ever been through Arizona once, which was during our cross-country drive (with a 2-year old, 8-week old and dog), so it was tough to actually stop for a minute and take in it’s full beauty. So in February, when Corning Incorporated reached out to...

A Trip to Greater Williamsburg, Virginia.

Based on our previous patterns, you probably know that we go all out for 1st Birthdays… but for 2nd, we have gone back and forth between throwing a neighborhood party and taking a family vacation. Mason’s 2nd birthday was in January and my wife and I wanted to try and find something fun to do...
Adrian in front of Carnival Freedom

What I’ve Learned About Cruising with Kids.

In the beginning (2004), when Jen and I were dating, cruising was just ‘her’ thing. Anytime anyone had brought up the topic of cruise ships, even if she was on the other side of the room submerged in the most serious of conversations, her head would pop up on a swivel like a velociraptor to...